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As Muslim Democrats what does Ennahdha stand for?

As Muslim Democrats Ennahdha, Tunisia’s leading political party represents reform, democracy, modernisation and economic opportunity for all to progress in life.

The first Muslim Democrat party, a phrase which represents Ennahdha’s commitment to a democratic Tunisia and its use of Islam as a reference point for its politics. The term was adopted formally in May 2016, at the same time the party ceased conducting religious activities to allow its leadership to focus on its role as a political party.

We have never wavered in our desire to build democracy through compromise, collaboration and inclusiveness.

Ennahdha advocates a consensus-first approach for Tunisia as it transitions from dictatorship to becoming a mature democratic state. This means it is committed to working as a coalition partner with its principal opponents and finding consensus in decision-making to ensure a peaceful, successful transition period while a democratic culture is nurtured in the country and the promises of the constitution are enacted. Ennahdha has openly stated it puts the needs of the nation of Tunisia ahead of those of the party.

Ennahdha prioritises equality; the voices of Tunisia’s rural population, women, youth and disabled citizens have too long been marginalised. The party is proud of its record of implementing quotas and affirmative action to achieve this.

Ennahdha’s current priorities in government include: economic reform, decentralisation, public health, education, women’s rights and gender equality, employment, vocational training, entrepreneurship & start-up culture, scientific research, and the digital economy.

Leader of the Ennahdha Party, Rached Ghannouchi meets delegates and members of the public